The miracle of the union of sea with earth

The Geopark of the westesrn Basque Coast is formed by a spectacular coastline that offers us a highly valuable geological, landscape and cultural heritage. This coastal area that encompasses the towns of Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku is part of the European Geoparks Network.
This natural treasure has been created by the erosive action during millions of years by the sea. Successive rocky strata have created a geological formation called Flysch which is about 60 million years old and reflects the major events in Earth's history. Many of these strata have become international points of reference in the geological time of the planet.

Karst, a landscape shaped by the wear of limestone can be found inside the territory. For millions of years the sea has carved multitude of cavities in these rocks that served as a refuge to our ancestors. These inhabitants left us valuable samples of their presence, art and beliefs that have survived to the present day.
In the urban and rural centres of the Geopark we can find significant cultural heritage. The territory offers a unique opportunity to the visitor to get to know about the traditions, gastronomy and nature of the territory and have a memorable journey.

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